Ligos is actively developing exports of TM “La Crema” products, which are widely represented outside Ukraine.

The company of “Ligos” was founded in 1997 as a bakery manufacturer. In 2001 it becomes the first national croissant producer in Ukraine. Today the company produces products under its own trademarks Ligos and La Crema”. Ligos plans to further improve and delight its customers with a quality product, working not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The company is actively developing exports of its product. Over the past two years, Ligos has expanded the list of countries that taste croissants made in Ivano-Frankivsk: Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, the Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Qatar and Sweden. For packaging of TM La Crema croissants, a metallized polypropylene film is used which keeps them fresh and aromatic throughout. The bright packaging design allows consumers to easily identify products on shelves.

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