According to the results of 2018, the company “Ligos” is No. 1 national manufacturer of croissants, which can be bought packed in the stores of Ukraine.

European analysts, who have researched the realities of the Ukrainian market, summed up 2018. According to their conclusions, the largest market share in Ukraine is occupied by the company “Ligos” – the No. 1 manufacturer of croissants, which can be bought packed in Ukrainian stores. For 18 years, Ligos has been a highly specialized croissant producer in Ukraine, nationally recognized and meeting the international IFS (International Food Standard) certification for food manufacturers. The company operates in the pastry segment. Unique technological and technical upgrades are required for the quality realization of such consumer requests. In 2018, the company significantly expanded the scale of production. Thanks to capacity upgrades and unique puff pastry technology, Ligos croissants are as close to traditional French croissants as possible. Ligos croissants are a delicious snack throughout the day without any harmful balancers. In 2019, the company continues to develop its innovative successful projects, create new flavors, as well as new types of branded product.

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