Meet the new croissants of Trade Mark “LA CREMA de ALVA”

The company of Ligos presents a new collection of exquisite flavors – croissants and cookies of Trade Mark “LA CREMA de ALVA”. The cooperation of Ligos with the French company Lesaffre, which is the world leader in the production of pastry ingredients, has made it possible to produce a brand new European product. LA CREMA de ALVA croissants are made according to individual recipes with improved pastry. Metallic packaging allows you to maintain the freshness and quality of croissants for 90 days without changing their taste. Now people living far from the production area, for example, in Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as in the near abroad will have chance to taste the Croissants, produced by Ligos.

There are three flavors in the croissants line: strawberry, cherry and chocolate. Packagings are of 65 and 210 grams.

LA CREMA de ALVA croissants can be purchased from most supermarket chains as well as from the WOG gas station.

Delicate chocolate, sunny fruits and perfect baking – everything is created with love for you. You will forget the weekdays, but the holidays will remain!